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About boulies

BouliesTM is a chair brand which started in UK, 2015.

As a chair manufacturer we are always seeking the balance between the comfort and support. With premium materials such as microfiber suede, and bunch of functions, we are proud of our chair. And we are still in searching for incredible comfortable chairs with enough support.

In April 2015, our first boulies chair was launched, gaining good acclaim. And we still move on. We created them in high quality with directed selling, so you can get a chair without retailer or distributors’ fees. With great customer and aftercare services, we do hope everyone gain many hours of an unparalleled comfortable sitting experience. This is why boulies is founded and what we’re looking for.

In 2019, we started to sell chairs in worldwide such as the United kingdom, United States, china and regions Europe. And we’re only getting started.

For now, Our product line is upgraded and have four series for people to choose: Master series, Ninja series, Ninja pro series and Elite series. All of them have their own highlights and suit for different kind of people. The Master series, Ninja series and Elite series use signature vboulies ultraflexPu leather mixed with microfiber suede. And supreme materials and eccentric-elegant design make boulies chairs more outstanding.

Boulies have served tens of thousands of users with good customer and aftercare services. And we’ll keep moving on for giving more and more people incredible support.

Have a seat and support you back today.

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Payment Partner: Forstreet London Ltd(238 Hedge Lane, Palmers Green, London, England, N13 5DA)

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