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Best chair i've had

Really comfy really high quality, highly recommended. For the price you won't find a better chair. One small fault with mine is that the left handle is slightly wobbly, but that can be overlooked.


Comfortable and very sturdy. Excellent for gaming for long hours and i use it for my artwork aswell which also takes hours.
The ergonomics are on point, i have a lower back injury and tgis chair has been fantastic.
Thankyou Boulies!!


New chair Boulies Elite bought in January 2021

I bought a Boulies chair for the lumbar control - I assumed all the chairs had a lumbar control, I was wrong only the Masters has it - First mistake by myself in not understanding the differences. However here is my review of the Elite.
Seat fabric quality is very high
Came mostly assembled (very easy to finish)
The arm adjusters work OK
Rocks easily with no noticeable squeaks

Casters are just OK for the cost - even on laminate seems hard to move. Doesn't seem to glide easily
The seat cushion is hard - not much padding for my rear and also pushes up into my legs which seems to be cutting off my leg circulation. (By the way , I am 180cms and weigh 89 kgs)
The height adjuster does not rise enough - and the paddle adjuster feels like it may break. (appears to be a flimsy plastic).
The supplied Lumbar cushion is not ergonomic the way the straps are attached - I solved the problem by turning the cushion so the the curved edges go across the chair rather than up and down. The straps are now weird but functional.
All in all, I am rather disappointed in this chair

Hello, sorry to hear that you have such problems. Please contact our support team via email: or via our contact page with your order number and pictures or video. We will try our best to assist you.

Fanastic Chair

Fanatastic. Solid and great build, excellent quality.

Only issue is lumbar pillow and headrest pillow are too big. This is not much of a problem though as you can open both and take out the foam to get them to the desired level that is comfortable. Just keep the foam in a zip-lock bag or something similar as you may wish to thicken at a later date.

Worth the money

The chair is well above my expectation...Very comfy chair! Must say it's a truly great experience and I will definitely recommend to all my friends!

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